Hiya. Thanks for popping in! I’m Shirleen and home is Wellington, New Zealand. I share my home with my boyfriend ‘S’ and a large and handsome cat called Cyrus.

Oriental Parade, Wellington. Late summer day.

Oriental Parade and Bay - summer night around 8pm.

This blog is a bit of everything I like – making food, eating food, coffee, music, travel, movies, Cyrus, flowers, pretty china, books, pink and green, and random ramblings of whatever else takes my fancy.

I’m fairly new to blogging – with my first blog in 2009. I posted a couple of blogs then and promptly gave up and forgot about it. ( I get bored and sidetracked easily!)

Cyrus in a pensive mood, or maybe just eyeing the birds outside.

Scott and I at Akatarawa River

Fast forward to 2011...

So I’m back onto this blogging business. Maybe its age (it has been 2 years!), maybe its boredom.  Whatever it is, I’ve decided that I quite like it afterall.

What's in the name?

Mish Mash

When I started the blog in 2009, I called it Mish Mash.  That came out because ‘mish mash’ is what goes on in my head a lot of the time. When I picked up the blog again, I left the name Mish Mash as is because I wanted this blog to be a lot of this and a little bit of that - so, a real mish mash of thoughts and things I love, am obsessed with and can go on 'until the cows come home' about.  I also did not know whether I'd be interested enough to carry on a blog, so there wasn't a point in coming up with a new blog name or put too much thought into the design until I knew better.

Three months after starting to blog again (Jan 2011), I've decided that I really enjoy this whole blogging business and I'm not entirely too shabby at it!

So I've decided that perhaps its time to look at a design overhaul of my blog - zhush it up a bit with pretty designs and colours that I like.  This redesign thing is going to be a slow process.  However, a name change would be a great start to the 'renovations'.
'Sugar & Spice and All Things Nice' came about naturally because of my love for food and how culture differences in my life effect that love of food.  'Sugar and Spice' because of the western and asian influences in my cooking, baking and eating.  'All Things Nice' because of all other things in my life (outside of food) that I think are nice - like pretty old-fashioned china, gorgeous blooms, whimsical designs, fairs and festivals, etc etc.

Anyhoo. If you like what you’ve read so far and don’t mind the amateur photography (gotta love handy camera phones!), come back again!

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Hey Shirls!

    Whats your email addy so I can tell you how I cooked the Lamb Shanks.

    If you want to go to my photography website and contact me from there, that way you won't get spammed!

  2. Hi Shirleen,
    We are busy organizing a food bloggers conference in November and wondered whether you would like to join the www.foodbloggersnz.com association so you can keep update with that event? Membership to the association is free and we will add a link to your blog on the website and also inform you of other up coming events.
    Many thanks, Allison

  3. dearest shirleen,
    sorry have not updated you in a while. will do asap. here a "nice" recipe you might try:

    it is called "Fried China Cabbage". easy and very tasty.
    you need: ==> 1 china cabbage
    Oil to fry(best would be rice oil)
    1-2 table spoons sugar
    2-3 table spoons soya sauce
    2-3 tablespoons rice vinegar

    Cleane cabbage, cut into 2cm stripes, fry very short, put sugar over the stripes evenly then add soya sauce and vinegar. serve warm with any asian food.

    you like it? tell me.
    regards dieter

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    Warm regards,



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