23 February 2012

crepes | pancakes

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day was three days ago.  I woke up that morning and had no inclination whatsoever to make any pancakes that day.  Although I was brought up in a rather strict Roman Catholic way, I'm no longer religious and don't observe Lent.  So Shrove Tuesday was lost on me.

But when I came home later that morning after yoga - not that yoga has anything to do with it except that I was super hungry - I decided that I've made pancakes enough times in the past that I ought to be able to just throw a few together.  To be really honest, it was the bowl of sugar pears on the table slowly over-ripening and a freshly opened jar of Nutella that gave me the push I needed.

After some umming and ahhing, I decided that something more crepe-like rather than the slightly more spongier pancake or pikelet was the way to go.

Now since it's impossible to make a small batch just for lunch, so I ended up with enough crepes for savoury and sweet crepes for lunch, and more sweet crepes for dessert that night.  Not that I'm complaining, 'cos who (in their right mind) would say no to Nutella smothered crepes, right?

Most of you will already have your go-to recipe for crepes or pancakes.  But if you're after a simple one that's not sweet or doughy and a perfect foil for any accompaniement, try the recipe below.  Its never failed me.  The savoury and sweet crepe fillings below are not recipes as much as just me showing you a couple of ways you could go with the filling.  There is simply just no rules to what you could fill your crepes with - well except in my opinion (umm...and experience), sausages and crepes should never meet on the same plate.


25g unsalted butter, melted and cooled
Plus a little more un-melted butter for frying
150g plain flour
325ml milk
1 egg

  1. Season your pancake or crepe pan, or use a medium-large flat bottomed frying pan with low sides.  To season your pan - melt some butter in the pan and then wipe the pan with a paper towel.  Put pan aside once seasoned.*
  2. If you have a handheld whizzer, use the large tumbler and the whizz attachment that the set normally comes with.  If not, mix it all in a mixing bowl with a whisk.
  3. Whisk the flour, milk and egg together until smooth.
  4. Whisk the melted butter in just before you start to cook, whisking until just mixed.
  5. Heat your seasoned pan over medium heat with a tiny knob of butter.
  6. Pour 1-2 ladles (depending on the size of your ladle) of the batter onto the middle of the pan, then lift your pan off the heat a little and tilt it around so that the batter coats the entire bottom of the pan.  Try and do this evenly.
  7. Then put the pan back onto the heat and cook for about a minute (the top will start to dry out a little) before flipping** the crepe over and cooking the other side for around 30secs before removing onto a plate.***
  8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 until all your batter is used up.
* If you're filling your crepes right after you finished cooking all of the crepes, do not wash your pan - leave it seasoned.

** If you're very confident and able to flip a crepe with a flick of the wrist, good on you.  If not, you could do as I did - I slid an icing spatula/palette knife under the crepe on one end and lifted the crepe up with the spatula, high enough to be able to quickly flip the crepe back onto the pan.

** I didn't cook my crepes completely through because I knew that I would be warming each of the crepes through again when I topped them with the fillings.

Sweet Crepes ~ Pears, Nutella & Almonds
This serves one person.

Cooked crepes
1 small pear - I used sugar pears, sliced
1 tbsp of Nutella, or however much you want to use really!
*Another 1 tsp Nutella, softened with a few drops of milk & stirred to make a thick sauce
Small handful of almonds, chopped

  1. Use the same seasoned pan that you just cooked your crepes in.  If not, season the pan first.
  2. Place a crepe in the pan, heated over medium heat.
  3. Spread the Nutella over one 1/2 of the crepe, taking care not to tear the crepe.  I use the back of a metal teaspoon to do this.
  4. Working quickly, lay the sliced pears over the Nutella and scatter the chopped almonds over the pear slices.  By this time, the edges of the crepe will start to turn a little crispy - that's okay, believe me.  It's nice, you'll like it!
  5. With a spatula, fold the crepe over in half and then half again.
  6. Place on a plate and drizzle the Nutella sauce over your filled crepe.  Enjoy!!
* Put the Nutella and milk in something small and microwavable. Zap on high for 5-10 secs, and then stir briskly to mix and form the sauce.

Savoury Crepes ~ Smoked Chicken, Scrambled Eggs & Greens
This serves one person.

Cooked crepes
1 egg, beaten with 2 tbsp milk
1/4 smoked chicken, chopped into small chunks
Tasty cheese, 2 tbsp grated or use a vegetable peeler to peel thin slices to cover 1/2 of the crepe
Handful of baby salad greens
Salt & Pepper

  1. Use the same seasoned pan that you just cooked your crepes in.  If not, season the pan first.
  2. As the pan is heating up, quickly scramble the beaten egg.*
  3. Place a crepe in the heated pan.
  4. Working quickly, scatter or lay the cheese over 1/2 of the entire crepe.  Once the cheese starts to melt, add the scrambled eggs over the cheese and scatter the smoked chicken, then top with the baby salad greens.  Season with salt & pepper.
  5. Again, working quickly, use a spatula and fold the crepe over in half.
  6. Place and Enjoy!!

* To do this quickly, beat the egg & milk in a microwaveable bowl. Zap on high for 30 secs, and then stir quickly with a fork or small whisk to scramble up the mixture.  Zap for another 30 secs and stir to scramble again.  Repeat for another 20 secs if mixture is still too raw.


  1. Great idea! Yum, the sweet crepe looks absolutely tantalising. I also have pears over-ripening in the fruit bowl and a jar of nutella in the pantry. Will have to do something this weekend.

    1. Pears and Nutella make a lovely combination, don't they? Those pears are still in season, so I'm thinking more pears and Nutella desserts for this weekend as well. Have fun this weekend Carmella! :-)

  2. Golly look at those nutella ones!!!

    1. I wasn't shy with the Nutella Alessandra I know that Nutella isn't healthy for you, especially in those amounts. But seeing that it's not often that we eat like this at home and it was Pancake Day...I made the most of it! ;-P

  3. So glad I didn't see this earlier in the week as you'd have had me running to the kitchen in a flash with dire consequences for my waistline! They look fabulously decadent and why not!

    1. Thanks Julie - wish I could eat like this often! Someone needs to come up with a Nutella sub that taste exactly like it, but with 1/2 of the badness. :-)

  4. Nutella, pears and almonds oh my!!! I wanna gobble these off the screen! I always tell myself nutella is made of nuts, nuts are good for you and hence nutella is good for me. Not sure how logical that is but it sure makes me feel better about slathering on nutella!! :)

    1. Teehee...must confess I've used the same reasoning myself many a times. That and the excuse that I don't have it daily. I get all defensive about Nutella! ;)

  5. Nutella smothered crepes would be a good treat.

  6. Those savoury crepes should be just the thing for a lunch.


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