23 November 2011

i'll huff & puff & i'll blow your house down

Some of my regular readers know that occasionally, you'd see a post here that's not food-related.  That's the '...and All Things Nice' part of my blog.

Some of these have been about songs that I'm obsessed with for that particular time, movies I've seen and more often than not, Cyrus the cat.

This time I'd like to share with you - especially to those who live in other parts of the world or just outside of Wellington - a day in windy Wellington.

This was Monday.

Gales are not a daily or even weekly occurrence in Wellington.  But it sure happens helluva more often than other cities and towns here.  In fact, I'd go as far as to say that there are some places in NZ that don't ever get gales!

Wellingtonians are so used to the wind that we'd walk out of the house in slippers and shorts, and say that its a breezy day or balmy evening.  We're tough like that here.  Visitors on the other hand, will be covered from neck to toe.

That's not to say that Wellington is dull and grey.  That's London.  So we have a tad more wind that some, but when the sun's up, there is no city in NZ that can beat a good day in Wellington.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Wellington.


  1. Ah, windy Wellington living up to its name :) I pity the poor people who have houses perched right a the top of a hill...

  2. @Andrea - that's like 70% of the homes in Wellington! lol

  3. Oh, I love your sunny photos of Wellington! Reminds me how much I love this city :)

  4. @Jemma - our wee little windy (at times gale-ly) city!! :-)

  5. Great photos of Wellington, yes, on a sunny day it is stunning :-)!


  6. @Alessandra - so you must come and visit soon! :-)

  7. Far out! That's some serious wind force. I let out a little involuntary "ouch" as I watch the lady blow over. I do love Wellington though, wind and all!

  8. @Emma - I did feel very sorry for that poor lady. It looked like she fell and hit her face! It's crazy gales again today. Ahhh...the joy of Springtime in Welly. :-))


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