25 October 2011

about bleedin time...

Yes, yes.  I've been M.I.A. for quite some time.  Got busy with some contract work I had going on for a couple of months, got busy with getting lazy, got busy with some other personal stuff going on, got busy with organising for a trip to Singapore (for an old friend's wedding) and got busy being on holiday!

Now that I'm back from the bad lands of 'avoidance' - me thinks it's about time I uploaded all that Wellington on a Plate photos I took.  Might take a while though...I'm doing that one bit at a time.  Memory needs some digging into for commentary!  So if you can, please bear with me a little longer.  You can start though from reading some of the updates I've recently posted - here.

And once those are all up, I promise you that I'll dazzle you with an array of delectable delights that I had when I was recently in South East Asia. :-)