14 August 2011

{wellington on a plate 2011} the journey begins

Some of you may have been wondering what I've been up to since it's been a month (yes, exactly a month today) that I've posted anything.  I've even gotten messages and emails from some of you!  Sorry about that - my bad.  It's been a combination of being too busy, tired and uninspired.  Truth.

But honey...I'm home!!

Thanks to Wellington on a Plate, I've embarked on this awesomely gastronomic 2-week journey of feasting.  Which means I'm going to have material coming out of my ears to write about.  And boy is it going to be hard to get rid of the additional weight that I just know I'll be piling on - in addition to the usual 'winter weight'!  But I can't think of a better way to spend the last miserable weeks of winter.

Here is what's planned/done:

Fri 5th
Burger Wellington dinner
Wed 10th
Duke Carvell's Swan Lane Emporium
Burger Wellington dinner
Thurs 11th
Osteria del Toro
Three-course Greek tasting menu
Fri 12th
New Zealand Chocolate Festival
Fri 12th
Martin Bosley's
A 3 course lunch at multi-awarded Martin Bosley's
Sat 13th
New Zealand Chocolate Festival
NZ's first chocolate festival! Demos, tastings and chocolate indulgence
Sun 14th
Tongue-to Tail Duck Delights
A degustation menu based around the duck at Le Canard
Tues 16th
A Local Food Story in Three Parts
Cooking demo and food tasting (3 course) at the Urban Harvest HQ
Wed 17th
Martin Bosley's
Burger Wellington lunch
Thurs 18th
The Southern Cross
Burger Wellington dinner
Sun 21st
Malaysia Kitchen Night Market

In addition to all this, there's still a very long wish-list, hampered only by finance and time.  Damn you budget!!  But no, seriously, I am thankful that we're even able to get to do all that's on my list above.

I've set up a separate page on my blog for all my Wellington on a Plate and Burger Wellington 2011 posts.  Check out my first post here on chomping down on Plum's 'Plum in a Bun' burger.


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