28 June 2011

{wellington on a plate 2011} here we come!

It's that time of year again.  Can you hear it?  It's the sound of foodies all over NZ whopping in delight and groaning in frustration.

Wellington on a Plate launched couple of weeks ago and ripples of delight can be seen (and heard) everywhere you go - the people sat next to you at a cafe/on the plane/seat behind on the bus or train planning their mode of attack on which events to go to, all your tweeps twittering about nothing else for an entire week (or more), suits hurrying along the footpaths in the CBD clutching their programmes, lone strangers during lunchtime thumbing through their dog-eared programmes, and gleeful updates on friends' Facebook pages when tickets are secured.

Wellington on a Plate is the most successful (in my opinion) culinary event in NZ.  The festival is in its third year and growing in popularity.  It's held in the Wellington region but has also successfully attracted people from other parts of NZ.  I think that one of the main reasons for its success is that it really does have events that cater for every taste and budget.  From $15 set menus through to $325 Masterclass with some of our top chefs, from chocolate tasting to beer tasting, and from a cocktail crawl to blind dining.

For my readers and friends who are not from NZ, go here and find out more about Wellington on a Plate.  Who knows?  You may be in NZ for some reason between Aug 5-21...!

As for little old excited me, here's what we're going to:

A Local Food Story in Three Parts - cooking demo and food tasting (3 course) at the Urban Harvest HQ.

Tongue-to Tail Duck Delights - a degustation menu based around the duck at Le Canard.

Lunch at Martin Bosley's - a 3 course lunch at multi-awarded Martin Bosley's.

New Zealand Chocolate Festival - NZ's first chocolate festival! Demos, tastings and chocolate indulgence at the InterContinental hotel.

Malaysia Kitchen Night Market - diverse mouthwatering Malaysian food.

There's a whole long list of other events that I'd love to go it, but can't for various reasons...

Blind Dining at Capitol
Foodie Zoo Safari
Behind the Scenes in Two Top Kitchens with Zest Food Tours
Hands on Pastry Making
The Dark Side of Coffee and Chocolate
Wellington Young Chefs Dinner

But who knows?  Things could change!

As of 22 June, 21 out of the 80 events were already sold out or fully booked - a week after the festival's launch.  So if you haven't bought your tickets or made your bookings yet, don't leave it too late!


  1. Thank you for sharing the info, lots of events I didn't know of :-)


  2. Alessandra - hope you're able to get to at least a couple! :) Ciao.

  3. I can't wait! So excited about all the Dine Wellington restaurants! will have to uh, try not to overtweet about it when it rolls around ;)

  4. Laura - you won't be the only one going mad on twitter about this I can assure you! ;-)

  5. Me again, just to tell you that I am putting your link on my NZ blog roll (hope that is ok with you...)


  6. Alessandra - thanks for adding me to your blog roll! Grazie. :)


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