06 June 2011

shrouded in mist

Its a long weekend holiday here in NZ - Queen's Birthday.  And this is what we woke up to in Wellington today.

Photo on the left was taken on the first day of Winter, 6 days ago.  The one on the right is today.

And within half an hour, the mist thickened...

We can barely see past the trees and bushes in front of our house now and the harbour is totally blanketed in grey-bluish white.

You notice the stillness when living in Wellington, since 'windy' is the norm here.  What would be windy to others, would be a 'breeze' to Wellingtonians.  And at the moment, its still.  So very very still.  And quiet.  No gulls and no native birds.

Did someone just say 'earthquake weather'?  Shaddup already!!


  1. Is that seriously you daily view? Okay lets forget the foggy days.....look at that view!!!

    Winter has arrived here in Ballarat. A HIGH of 8 degrees. A HIGH!!!!

    I woke this morning and straight away watered the frost of my veg patch. AARRRGGHHH

    I really want to make a kale pasta this week, so I hope not too much damage was done.

  2. Rohan - yeah, I'm lucky I know! It's amazing even when I can see rain coming in horizontally from the harbour. Cold I can deal with. But when it's cold AND wet, indoors is my hangout of choice. Good luck with the kale!

  3. WOW. What a beautiful view you have--foggy or not! Goodness gracious!!! Hope today's looking a little clearer! :D

  4. Thanks Stace! Its cleared up heaps today, but there's no denying that we're well and truly in winter now. Time for me to bust out the slow cooker. Whereas I suspect, you'll be busting out your sundresses! :)

  5. what a lovely view! stay warm and dry too :)

  6. Thanks Cindy. God bless the people who invented the heat pump (what do you call them there?!) and polypro! :)


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