19 June 2011

hill st farmers market: my loot

I was (and still am!) in need of some wild/field mushrooms, and thought perhaps I'd be able to get some at the Hill Street Farmers Market today.  So braving the rain and cold on a Saturday morning, that had every promise of getting grey-er, colder and wetter by the hour, we descended on the market armed with our very responsible reusable eco bag and rain coats.

I absolutely love farmers markets. Note the word 'love' is italicised, bold, underlined and in red font.  The whole from producers straight to you thing kind of makes me feel...well, special.  I flit between a trance-like state of euphoria and 5 year-old glee as I walk around from stall to stall.  I get like that at the Sunday vegetable market, Moore Wilsons, CommonSense Organics and even good 'ol New World.  But in varying degrees of euphoria and glee - venue and offerings dependent of course!  I never claimed to be right in the head.

This morning was no different (I still wasn't right in the head).  Although there wasn't any wild or field mushrooms to be had, I still found plenty to be excited about.  Some of you may find this utterly boring, but for the kindred, I'd like to share my loot with you.  Even if it's only visually...

Le Loot:  Selection of organic heirloom potatoes, bunch of yellow carrots, baby leeks, cavolo nero and a bag of fresh walnuts (which didn't quite make it into the photo mosaic above).

We feasted well tonight on flounder drenched in a rich buttery herby sauce with the heirloom potatoes, yellow carrots and baby leeks.

Now that, I'll tell you about in the next post.  'Cos now, it's nigh-nighs for me.

Sweet dreams (or good morning)! x.


  1. Now that is some good looking loot! Look forward to the recipes!

  2. Mairi - some posts coming up! :)


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