21 June 2011

heirloom potatoes and honeyed vegetables

See that tray of gorgeous vegetables?  That's my haul from a trip to the Hill Street Farmers Market last Saturday morning.  I came home with my haul, and rinsed and arranged them to be photographed with pride. That's how nutty I get about produce I find at farmers markets!  There's even a post just about these vegetables - here.

The plan was fish for Saturday's dinner and I'd lined up a new recipe from one of the many cookbooks I have.  These vegetables were just perfect accompaniment to the main.  I didn't want to mess about too much with them, so decided to keep 'em simple. Ish.

I've lived in NZ for almost 15 years now and I've never tried any of the heirloom or Māori potatoes.  Can you believe it?!  There is really no reason behind it.  Just never something on my shopping list is all.  But for some reason last Saturday, when I saw these all heaped up in lovely flax baskets, they called out to me.  Or maybe it was just clever merchandise display techniques.  Hmmm... Either way, for the weak-minded* like me, it worked.  I came, I saw, I oood and ahhhd, and I bought.

*Getting sucked in by rustic merchandise displays and/or hearing voices, in this case speaking potatoes, definitely indicates a weak mind.

It took me forever to google search the names of these heirloom potatoes.  It was harder than I thought it would be!  So many sites that talk  about them, but no photos.  And those that have photos weren't very clear.  But finally I was able to (I think) piece together from different sites and pair the right name to the right potato. Why would I not just post the photo up as is?  Simple curiosity.  And a sudden fixation on finding out the names of these heirloom potatoes.

These potatoes were just simply paired with some rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and roasted at 180C / 350F, until cooked and golden.

And then, there were these...

Yellow carrots and baby leeks!  I love baby leeks - they're so sweet and have none of the onion-ny taste or smell once cooked.  These I just glazed with a little runny honey, tossed in extra virgin olive oil, a light sprinkling of salt and roasted them as well.  Roast until soft and cooked through, and edges of the vegetables caramelised a little.

I served these in individual bowls since the flounders I got took up an entire dinner plate each.  They were just perfect.

If you like fish, come back and check out my post on Flounder with a Anchovy & Caper Butter Sauce which will be uploaded soon.


  1. You have put me to shame - I lug all sorts of muck and mud into the kitchen bringing vegetables in from the garden. I was at the market a few weeks ago and seriously impressed with the vegetables on sale - beats Moore Wilson's hands down. I'm going to plant out some native potatoes this coming season to see what they're like.

  2. I'm eager to see the fish!!! Sounds like a really yum meal. Just how food should be, simple and delish!

  3. Julie - yeah I'm a bit OCD. I always rinse vegetables I buy from the markets. Can't store them with mud (& bugs!) on them in the fridge!

    Rohan - flounder post comin! Swear it is...

  4. What beautiful veg...envious of all those different potatoes & love baby leeks.

  5. Mairi - thanks! I love buying from farmers market for these more unusual vegetables. Unfortunately not as often as I'd like as they can be quite expensive!


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