01 June 2011

ba-bye, adios, au revoir, tschuss, later...

No, no.  I'm not going anywhere.  Still here I'm afraid.  As annoying as ever.

But Autumn (and hope of warm-ish days) has left the building.

And Winter's sauntered in all ladi-dah today on form.

11 degrees with a southerly in the late afternoon.  Welcome back!

Please be nice this year.  Don't be throwing your toys with too many cold snaps, okay?

Ok, maybe just once, or twice.  Just so that I can wear my fancy leather boots, new winter beret, and gorgeous Voon jacket.  Compromise they say, is the mature thing to do.


  1. Well, I can only say that winter arrived one week too early for us. Our poor olives aren't harvested yet! Not yet sure the scope of the damage...

  2. Poos. I think orchard owners (of any kind) are very brave - always at the mercy of nature! Here's hoping the damage is minimal. :)

  3. Soo pretty!


  4. Thanks Tina. I am lucky to have such a view. :)


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