27 May 2011

some might call this music 'vintage'

I was working on a post about a batch of very nutty peanut butty biscuits (aka cookies).  What you ask, has this got to do with music?

Absolutely nothing.

But anyway.  Here I was working on this post and I got side tracked on the net.  Like you do when you're easily side-tracked, like me.  Checking out links from some of my tweeps, having a snoop around friends' updates on Facebook, youtubing, googling flowers.  I wanted to know the correct spelling of ranunculus.  Nevermind why.  Just 'cos.  Ranunculus are these rose-ish looking flowers.  But they're not roses. Geddit?


So googling led from one site to the other, more googling and search results...that led to this...

I could not believe this appeared on one of my search results.  Roses by Gingerbread (Singaporean band).  Check out the big hair and Earth-Wind-And-Fire outfits!  This was a hit when I was in my teens.  There was a lot of slow dancing in the dark with your 'steady' to this song.  Also a lot of kissing, teenage fumbling...

I'll just stop there 'cos like this blog, is not that kind of blog.

So you know on youtube, there's this list of other similar videos to the one you're currently watching, right?  Guess what I saw??

Holy moly.  Within You'll Remain - Tokyo Square.  More slow dancing with your 'steady' in the dark!

How the world has changed.  Life and love was so simple when you're young.  Swaying to a shared love for a particular song whilst tightly clasped. And feeling like you can just live on love and fresh air.  And pizza.  Or in my case, hor fun and hainanese chicken rice.

After Tokyo Square, I was feeling somewhat inspired to check out more oldies but goodies on youtube.
(I also got bored with my very nutty peanut butty biscuits post - will have to complete it later).

I found this.

The Mamas and The Papas - California Dreamin.

I love how this was edited to flip between an old recording in black and white, and a later version in colour.

And no.  Not many of my friends nor I were around to dance to this song when it was a hit in 1965.  Our parents might have though.

Next post: Very Nutty Peanut Butty Biscuits {aka Cookies}.

I promise!


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