19 May 2011

{memories #2} foodie

Welcome back to my {memories}.

Yesterday, I showed you what a hoarder I was...and kinda still am really.  Stickers and colour pencils I've had for over 25 years are still around!  What does this mean?

Does this mean I'm all kinds of OCD?  Obsessively squirreling things away for years.  Perhaps a smidgen of separation anxiety?  Afterall, I simply find it almost impossible to part with some things.  Oh maybe its just simply because I'm not very good at housekeeping!  Yep, that MUST be it.

Due to this inability to perfect the art of domestic goddessing, I have more {memories} to share with you.  These ones are food-related.  It looks like food was always going to play a rather large part in my life.

I've had this menu now for somewhere between 30-35 years!  This is probably something that I'll never throw away, keeping it for as long as there is hope that one day, I'll be able to pass it on to my child.  It's got no monetary worth.  But I'll still bet that no one else has a copy of this old children's menu from the Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

I may have been given this by the waiter...or my mum stole it off the table.  Which is very likely.

Check out the prices!!  I'm sure I have to pay more for a Happy Meal at Mackers nowadays.

I had to google "Risi Bisi" - apparently it's rice and peas!

$4.50 for pork tenderloin, mash, carrots and peas!  I don't think I can even buy a decent size pork tenderloin at the supermarket today for $4.50, let alone the trimmings.  And I seem to remember Ultraman as being in silver and red.  Not blue.  Who remembers Ultraman?

Its nice that 30-odd years ago, a girl super-hero is featured alongside other superheros.  Something a little girl could aspire to.  Although, why is she a dessert???  Even Bionic Boy gets to be a main!

I wonder if Marvel Comics knew about this menu.  Here's what I know.  Thunderball wasn't white (and Thor-ish looking).  Thunderball was a black man and also happen to be one of the 'baddies'.  A stretch and test of early licensing laws perhaps??!

Fast forwarding to my late teens/early 20s...

I left school and went to work in the hotel industry where I met James and Gina, whom I've unfortunately lost touch with after I left Singapore years ago.  James had worked on the QE2 cruise liner and gave this menu (below) to me as part of a birthday present.

The significance here is that the first day of the cruise is also my birthday (not the year though!).  Which I thought was very cool (the date) and sweet (the present).

Ports of Call...

Wouldn't you love to be on this cruise?  New York...Barbados...St Maarten... **siiighhh**

First night's dinner menu - the Captain's Welcome Dinner.

Maybe one day, I'll (try) recreate this menu for my birthday.  Except maybe not the Roast Capon.  Why?

'Cos I'm not sure I want to roast a castrated rooster.  Yep.  Castrated Rooster.

Perhaps a substitution to a nice organic chicken would do me just fine.

And note the healthier option further down the menu.  Beef Tea with Angel Hair Pasta vs the 'fattier' option of Cream of Asparagus.  Hmmm... I know which I would have chosen.  They got me at Cream.

As I mull over these menus from yesteryears, I can't help think that somehow my connection and obsession with food started young and was always going to be much more than just the day's 3 square meals.

So my foodie friends, when did your food connection/obsession start?  What are those memories made of??



  1. I would have loved to order off that kids' menu! (actually still would)... I'll have the space monster, please!

  2. Me too! Fried chix and french fries at any age is always a winning combination.


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