18 May 2011

{memories #1} stationery

An ex boyfriend from back in the day...like waaay back was doing some major clean out (he MUST have been bored) and found an old school badge that belonged to me.  He'd messaged me saying to expect something in the post but did not say what, only saying that I'd be surprised.  And boy was I surprised.

But. I won't talk about in this post.  Instead, the old badge gave me an idea.

I wanted to see what I could dig up, dust away and share on my blog.  And boy did I find some treasures!  Actually I would have had more, but when I moved to my current flat two years ago, I did one of those 'throw out the old and bring in the new' cleansing exercises.  It was a cleansing of body, mind and material.  But I wished I hadn't thrown some of it out, like a colour drawing a friend did for me and an old teenage dairy diary.  Oh the stories that dairy diary held.

But, but...I did find some pretty amazing stuff that I didn't even remember I still had.  They were kept in a box.  And that box just kept being shunted around from corner to corner, out of sight.  Which is probably why I never threw the stuff out when I moved.

I've grouped them up into 'categories' and will post them up over the next week or so, with the first lot here.

Now this is probably one of the oldest things I have from my childhood.  I don't remember how old I was when I got this, but it would have been between 7-10 years old.  Its a well-loved metal box of coloured pencils.  It was all the rage.  It was all about what image you had on the front of the box and the number of pencils.  If memory serves me right, I think they came in 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48.  If you had one like mine, you were 'in'.  I don't remember if I EVER was 'in', but this is what I do remember...

Hours of tracing the image of the pretty girl and colouring it in.  Over and over again.  And wishing I had blonde hair and big sparkly eyes like that.  Never got around dying my hair blonde (thank goodness) but did get big sparkly eyes for a while.  Yep.  Party scene in Bristol, England.  That's ALL I'm saying.

Pre-cursor of the labelling machine - use a knife, peel away the outer coating and write your name down with a pen.  That's what my mum used to do so that I wouldn't lose my pencils.

It didn't work.

Wistaria Violet (as opposed to Wisteria) and Vandyke Brown.  These names used to fascinate and bamboozle me in equal measure.  The Japanese translation didn't help any.  I didn't speak nor understand Japanese.  It was an imported Japanese brand - Japanese stationery was (might still be) so popular when I was in primary school.

My Garfield pencil case survived to this day mainly due to the fact that its made of some sort of rubberised fabric.  Its probably...umm...around 25-27 years old!  I got this in my early teens and used it throughout my secondary school years.  The entire case has been 'graffitied' on, by myself and by friends.  I can still make out some of what was drawn/written, and can tell who wrote what just by the handwriting.  However, I've chosen not to show most of this 'graffiti' because I'm still in contact with some of these friends, and a few read my blog...and there's just no reasons to stir any trouble with current wives, husbands, partners, etc.

Stickers!!  The good and sensible kids collected stamps.  I spent my hard-saved pocket money on useless, valueless but pretty stickers.  They were much cooler.

Who remembers Little Twin Stars???  If you know Hello Kitty and My Melody, you'll know Little Twin Stars.  How super cute are they?!

See those teddy bear stickers?  They came in that little silver pocket that came in that little envelope.  And I can even tell you the day I bought these stickers.  01 08 87.  (i.e. 1st Aug 1987).  I've had these squirreled away for 24 freakin years!!!  If I'm not wrong, these were bought from this cool little shop in town called Paper Moon.  They sold stickers in rolls and had rows of rolls on the walls.  You'd unwind each roll and cut a length of stickers off, depending on how many stickers you wanted.

I'm more than amazed that I still have these stickers.  The box of colour pencils and pencil case I get, since they're not made of material that would tear or disintegrate easily.  But little wee stickers kept in flimsy thin paper envelopes?  Wow.

As you can imagine, lots of memories came swimming up as I looked at these earlier this afternoon.  And then I thought of this...

Nowadays, its Picasa or Photoshop instead of coloured pencils, the iPad or netbook instead of a case filled with writing pencils and bedazzling instead of good 'ol stickers.

And then there's Justin Bieber.

It truly was another lifetime.



  1. Apart from the girly stickers....those pencils bring back so many memories!!!

  2. came across your nice blog from a comment in joy the baker :) this is great! i love that you were still able to "preserve" your childhood stuff. i'm an '80s kid and loved little twin stars, collecting stickers, stationery and yes, colored pencils! cheers! :)

  3. Wow, i remember those colleen pencils in that beautiful tin box and i loved stickers too - had the twin stars one too!!! Nice memories.

  4. They were kept in a box. And that box just kept being shunted around from corner to corner, out of sight. air conditioning repair denver


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