03 April 2011

sunday treats: french pastries

Its Sunday.

You're waiting for a bus.

The bus stop is right next to a French cafe and pâtisserie.

What do you do??

Seriously, if you don't know the answer to this...there is no help for you. Sorry.

However, if I have to spell it out for you...

1. Buy some beautifully made French pastries.
2. When you get home, take some pretty pictures of them.
3. Post them up on the blog.
4. Make a cuppa tea.
5. Eat ALL the pastries you've just bought (although its only a couple of hours to dinner time).
6. Pretend (whilst you're eating the pastries) that you're a French woman - that is, somehow all that sugar and fat will magically go away without adding an ounce of weight to your hips or tummy.

Paris Brest 

Chocolate Meringue filled with cream and chocolate 

Macarons - Coffee, Lemon, Praline and Passionfruit.

Nothing beats Sunday treats.


  1. Stace - I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it! Sorry my bad.

    Here's what Stace (morningsbrew.blogspot.com) wrote:

    So my husband and I haven't been eating gluten for a few months and I've been surprised with myself because I can actually do it (breads, especially, have always been my FAVORITE food). These pastries are driving me crazy right now. I soooooo want one!

  2. Stace - I'm always thanking my lucky stars that I've not developed any intolerance to gluten. I'd be miserable! Good on you for sticking to it.


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