31 March 2011

sweet mother's kitchen

Seeing that I went on and on...and on in my last blogpost about the movies that I'd just seen.  Thought it best to come back to something food-related with pretty pictures.

Just in case I lose all my readers!

These are photos I took at Sweet Mother's Kitchen.  That's where we went for a quick bite before sitting down to 2 hours of strapping cute soldiers, lots of explosions, cheesy one liners and more explosions - refer to my previous post if you dare.

Sweet Mother's Kitchen sells itself as providing home-style cooking drawing on "...influences from New Orleans with Cajun and Creole dishes plus Mexican snack food".  Having never been to New Orleans or Mexico, I can't say how authentic their dishes are.  But I like the food and the quirkiness of the place even better.  And that's reason enough for me to keep going back.

If you look really hard (like I mean really hard) you can just make out action-man figurines hanging off each light fixture about the bar area.  They could be Hulk Hogan...or WWF wrestler of some sort.  They were quite naked.

And no.  That's NOT a real stuffed animal head.

And yes.  Those are plastic fruit all strung along the ceiling.  And a random piñata.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is, iced coffee.  Double shot espresso with cold cold milk and vanilla ice cream + cinnamon.  Anything + cinnamon is always perfect.  This is one of my summer favourites. Ok, so we're now in autumn, but it was a hot afternoon and I'm allowed.

What we ordered: curly fries with aioli, aubergine sticks with blue cheese sauce and hush puppies with hot sauce.  And damn was that sauce hot!

Oh and that's me in the background - in my favourite tshirt.  ( a bit of shameless self promotion)

That's extra hot sauce at our table.

We looked at it, read the label, took a sniff, had a taste and took a picture.

We did not use it.

Like I said earlier - the hot sauce with the hush puppies was bitter hot already.

Don't you people remember these things??  Come on, get with the programme!

And that my friends, is a shot of a perfectly half eaten hush puppy.

Disclaimer:  No puppies or canines of any sort were harmed in the making of these dishes.  Dozens and dozens of jalapeño peppers were however murdered, for the sake of culinary perfection...and hot dipping sauce.

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