25 March 2011

sunday brunch

Its been quite a while since I posted anything here.

Its been a while since I felt like doing much.

Its been a while since I felt happy-happy-joy-joy.

Today I decided its been a while since I've been in such a doldrum.  And I needed to SNAP out of it.

Well at least try to.

So whilst I getting some photos tidied up and thinking about what to write about them, I thought I'd share these with you.  Photos taken at Sunday brunch couple of weeks ago at one of my favourite places to eat - Floriditas.  Its also got one of the best atmosphere for those 'catch ups with the girls'.

Check out these very kitsch egg cups.  If you order the Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers, that's how you get them. I just LOVE 'em!  Great way too to get the kids eating their eggs.

Now this is one of my favourites.  I keep telling myself that I need to order something else each time I go there. But when the waitress is standing right by the table, pen and pad in hand, somehow its always the Smoked Mackerel with Potato Hash and Pouched Eggs.

I must mention that the yolk always arrives runny.  But by the time I faffed around with taking photos of the dishes, the yolk was no longer the way I normally like it - creamy golden runny rivers of goodness.  Still.  Runny or not, this dish makes my day.



  1. Aww, I know doldrum feeling.... but, keep eating food like this and it should dissipate quickly. :) Hang in there! And thanks for making my breakfast feel inadequate this morning.... hehe.

  2. I would eat like this EVERYDAY if it were possible! Although the chinese do say that a portly tummy is a sign of prosperity and happiness. Hmmm...maybe you're right Stace! Teeheehee...


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