10 February 2011


Some friends think I can sometimes be 'twee'. In modern times, I don't think being called 'twee' is such a compliment. It often means you're old-fashioned (in a bad way), or too girly (borderline Laura Ashley), or even stepford wife-ish.

The online dictionary explains 'twee' as being 'quaint' or 'affectedly dainty'.

Now dainty I'm not. I'm so heavy-footed that you'd be forgiven to think that a baby Snuffleupagus is stomping around the house, along the corridor, up and down the stairs...you get it. Once at the office, my boss came out of the meeting room to tell me that I was making too much noise with my walking, and that it was disturbing their conference call. In my defence, the office was open-planned ('cept for the meeting room), had polished hard wood floors and high ceilings. Give the girl a break already!

Oh. I don't work there any more. :-)))

Back to being twee. So I'm not dainty. But I like to think that if I am sometimes 'quaint', that's not such a bad thing. No?

Here's a shot of some hydrangeas cut from my garden. Yes, they're a bit twee. But aren't they lovely? They make me happy whilst I tap away on my laptop at the dining table.


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