18 February 2011

tea & biccies

Thought I'd break out my other new purchase for afternoon tea today.  Got this gorgeous cup and saucer set for only $5 from one of those wee second hand shops in Petone.

The lady in the shop told me that it was part of a estate sale and all but one set had been broken - therefore the $5 price tag.  Lucky me!

Apparently it's Japanese (you can just make the word 'Japan' out under the saucer).  I love the shades of green and how the gold accents just ping out against the iridescent shimmer, which I think is due to the glaze.

I've heard people say that tea just doesn't taste the same if drunk out of a mug.  I personally don't get that (I think sometimes its all just a bit of hoity toity-ness on their part).  I just love pretty china and drinking tea out of pretty china makes me feel girly...and well, happy.

Today's choice of tea was Tleaft's Christmas Tea.  Yes I know its February and Christmas is now but a memory.  But I just felt like some.  I love the fragrance and flavour of this particular tea.  Its a black tea with yummy additions like vanilla, cloves and cardamom.  Its even got these pretty mini rose petals!  All in all, a gently spiced tea with a slight flowery fragrance.  It went really well with a small stack of some plain wine biscuits.



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