05 February 2011

some nighttime baking

I'm a bit of an insomniac. I also do a lot in the evenings and nights - stuff that 'normal' people do during the day. Like laundry, vacuuming...baking and blogging.

I was on the laptop this afternoon at the dining table, and was getting wafts of ripe banana from the fruit bowl. I'd already used up the previous bunch of ripe bananas when I made some Kuih Kodok a couple of days ago, leaving another quickly-ripening bunch - which I've been avoiding.

Now, I love bananas. I truly do!! But only just having made Kuih Kodok a couple of days ago, I was hoping to not have to cook or bake with bananas again so soon. Eventually the answer to my dilemma presented itself. 'S' had suggested that we get out of town tomorrow to the Martinborough Fair, away from the hordes of drunk and obnoxious crazies in the city, dressed up for the Sevens. So I thought...wouldn't it be nice to start the morning with cake and proper coffee (i.e. not instant, which I'm guilty of when I'm on my own due to extreme laziness) before we get on the road?

Hmmm...cake. What kind of cake? Uncomplicated - check. I have all ingredients - check. Use up ripe bananas...check! check! check!!

Oooo...digression and interruption...
Check out the Hainanese Chicken Rice my niece just twitpic'd me! She's home in Malaysia and her nana (my aunty) made her this special dish. I'm soooo jealous right now.


Right. Back to my nightime baking. Through the years, I've acquired and tried a few banana cake recipes. This time I wanted to try a new recipe and decided to rummage around some of the blogs which I'm following. Not surprisingly ('cos I like most of her recipes), I found one on Joy The Baker that sounded super yummy - banana cake with what looked like a TON of chocolate. Anything (ok, so almost anything) with chocolate warrants a go I reckon.

11.30pm - cake baked and cooling.

Now remembering that I'm only a so-so 'meh' baker - will let you know tomorrow if I've butchered the cake or not. If not, it'll be Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Cake with a steaming cup of caw-fay!

Nighty-night!! :-)


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