16 February 2011

sarnie, sammie, butty...

Call it what you will - sarnie, sammie, butty, sandwich.  I absolutely love 'em.  My earliest favourite food memory is of sandwiches.  Savoury or sweet works all the same for me.  Its the 'go to' food if I'm too bored to cook, too lazy to cook, too broke to buy a lot of groceries, wanting a late night or mid afternoon snack, etc, etc.

By the way, I'm posting this blog al fresco, writing it whilst sat by the Wellington Harbour.  So no photos of any sandwiches just yet till I get home and upload a couple.  In the meantime, you'll just have to make do with this gorgeous photo.  View I have whilst I'm tapping away on my wee netbook.

Just got home and uploaded couple extra photos to this blog...

Growing up I had special sandwhich containers for my packed school lunches.  As an adult, I have special sandwich containers, albeit fancier and dearer containers!

Now depending which of my friends I speak to, there seems to be a fight between the Brits and the Americans on who invented the sandwich as we know it today. Alas neither did I'm afraid - not at least from what I've read anyway.  And no.  The Chinese did not invent the sandwich either.  Apparently, the earliest description on the most sandwich-like sandwich hailed from the Netherlands.  Sorry super powers!

So.  I'm not an expert in the historically accurate facts on the humble sandwich.  But loving it and having it high on my list of fav foods, gives me the right to blog about it I reckon!  If you want to find out more, just google it.  Or go straight to wikipedia.  Like I did. :-))

I don't have a favourite type of sandwich filling.  Its all about the mood or what's on hand really.  Through the years, the sandwiches I've made or eaten have run the gamut from socially accepted 'normal' fillings like ham, tomatoes and cheese, to milo (yep milo. you should try it), pork floss and spicy sambal.  Sambal is a Malaysian hot chilli paste,a pork floss is shreds of dried pork.

Oh stop 'eewwwing' already.  I once knew this guy who put mashed bananas topped with sliced raw garlic in his sandwiches.  Now THAT must be worse than a chilli paste or milo sandwich.  No?

Back to my milo sandwich.  Tip:
  • Best way to eat this is to spread some butter/margarine on soft fresh bread. You need it so that the milo has something to stick onto.
  • Don't use toasted bread either.  Milo on toasted bread is yucks.  Seriously.
  • Don't be a miser with the milo.  Spread (or sprinkle) it on thick.
  • Quick dunk your sandwich into a glass milk with each bite.
  • Then tell everyone you know about my milo sandwich.

This afternoon's lunch was a combination of 'how quickly can I make a yummy lunch due to excrutiating hunger' and what secret ingredients I would find in my magic box (the fridge).

Wholemeal bun split in half, topped with champagne ham, cucumber sand tomato slices, a fried egg and melted cheese on the top.  Strictly speaking it wasn't a sandwich, but an open sandwich.  But heck.  It was simple, quick, filling and most importantly, it was scrummy.

What's your favourite sandwich filling(s)?  Come on.  Leave me a comment and tell me ALL about it.  I'm starting to think that NO ONE reads my blogs c'os all except one comment so far has been from my darling and my niece.  **Pouts**



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