01 February 2011

pie in the sky

For dinner tonight, I decided to follow one of the most often repeated domestic goddess rule - use whatever you have in your pantry and fridge.

Well, easier said then done sometimes. What if all you had was a bottle of black olives, some salted chinese duck eggs, some pesto and leftover rice congee? I'd like to see Nigella, Martha or Jamie whip something up with those!

Luckily what I had was some leftover puff pastry that had been defrosted and could not be frozen again. So what to do? Dum dee doo...

Pie. Good old fashion can't-go-wrong kinda dish, pie. Veg and whatever meat I had in the freezer was the plan. But S decided that he'd buy some fresh meat on his way home to save me the bother of defrosting some meat.

So out comes BOTH pie dishes. Why? 'Cos I could not decide whether I wanted a round pie with flutted ages, or a square pie. Yep. Important decision this. Nevermind if the pie was tasteless - its gotta look good at the very least!!

So here's what I threw into the pot - onions, carrots, french beans, mushrooms, spinach, spring onions, an OXO cube and pork and watercress sausages, all bound together with some beaten eggs and a white sauce. Once 3/4 cooked, everything gets transferred intoa pie dish and topped with the puff pastry. I glazed the pastry with an egg beaten with some water. Pop into the over at 200d until the pastry is done...

Ta dah!!

Pork and watercress sausage and vegetable pie 

And there's enough for lunch tomorrow as well. :-)))))

And oh...the round pie dish won the popularity contest. :-)


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