20 February 2011

petone fair

Another weekend another fair.  This time it's the Petone Fair.

The day started out kinda grey in the city due to extraordinarily low clouds.  But once we got to Petone, the sun was out in all its glory.  Its always sunny and hot in Petone and its only a 10min drive out of the city centre!

Petone. Photo courtesy of Wellington City Council.

The Petone Fair is definitely more of a family fair compared to say, the Martinborough Fair I went to a couple of weeks ago.  Families with babies, families with nanas and grandads, families with doggies, and families with patches (as in gang patches).  Martinborough Fair doggies - bichon frises and miniature schnauzers.  Petone Fair doggies - friendly rottweilers and not so friendly looking rottweilers, and greyhounds.

Greyhounds??  Yep.  Gorgeous, laid back, sooky greyhounds.

Greyhounds As Pets, an organisation that takes in, fosters and adopts out retired racing greyhounds had a stall at the fair.  And I stayed at this stall the longest and had a long interesting conversation with one of the hound's adoptive mother.  If I had the space and was allowed a dog by my landlords, I think I would have walked away with one today.  Protestations from 'S' aside.

I shared a ton of photos from the last fair I went to (Martinborough Fair).  But this time I've got a video of an outdoor performance instead.  And my small loot from the fair. :-)

Buuuuutt, unfortunately I can't get the video to upload properly and I think I'm just going to have to let it go tonight.  Its not happenin.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try again to upload it to the blog.  Damn you technology!!

Anyway, here are my favourite cordials from Kapiti Kitchen - Lemon Lime & Bitters and Lemon, Manuka Honey & Ginger.

So so yummy.  The lemon honey ginger cordial works both cold and hot.  Awesome for cold nights.  Love the packaging too.

And I saw this on sale at the Martinborough Fair and walked away from it.  This time I really really wanted it!  So my darling 'S' got it for me.  I'm so spoilt...

Well.  Until the next fair.

Nighs nighs...


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