12 February 2011

more nighttime baking!

Yep. The nighttime-bake crusader strikes again. Its 23:32 and cake's in the oven. I did mean to start earlier but American Idol was on tv, and then it was something else. You know how it gets...

This time it's a carrot cake. Lots of spices and walnuts. Got the recipe from Moon over Martinborough. One of my favourite blogs. You should check it out!

Meantime, think I have just enough time for a shower and cuppa tea before the cake's done.

Watch this space!

... ...

Oooo...I cheated.  Cake's cooling on a rack right now.  But I couldn't resist a taste - pinched a small bit from underneath the cake.  I had to know!!

Must say, I'm rather pleased.  Veeeeery moreish.  Its gonna be better tomorrow morning once a layer of cream cheese icing is slathered on top of it.

Until the morning then!  Its nigh-nighs time.

Oh.  And pssst - I have an interesting/different subject (yes, other than food!) which will be making its way onto this blog in a day, or so.  Come back soon to find out. :-)


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