14 February 2011

iron and wine

I've got all these things in my head that I want to blog about.  Everytime I see something I like, hear something I like and have a conversation that gives me an idea - its all logged in my head.  I was all prepared for a Valentine's Day update but as usual got completely side tracked on the net for the last 3 hours!

So while I go finish up some chores and gather my thoughts in some order, here's a bit about what I've been listening to all day.  Iron and Wine.

I first heard of them via the Twilight movie.  Towards the end of the movie, Bella and Edward dance to 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' at their prom.  Oh, who's Bella and Edward?  If you don't already know, then you won't be interested, so don't worry...

The following music vids are of my top four favourite songs from Iron and Wine.  So if you happen to be traipsing through my blog on a quiet afternoon (best time to listen to these songs I reckon), I hope you enjoy these!

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Fever Dream

Boy With A Coin

Naked As We Came


  1. Check out Innocent Bones, Trapeze Swinger and Such Great Heights. Rainy day favorites.

  2. i love iron & wine! instead of the traditional wedding march, we played "naked as we came" at my wedding last year.

  3. That's so nice Cindy. Different, yet romantic. Iron and Wine are strangely soppy. :-)


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