07 February 2011

day at the fair

One set his basket down
One rear'd his plate
One began to weave a crown
Of tendrils, leaves, and rough nuts brown
(Men sell not such in any town)
One headv'd the golden weight
Of dish and fruit to offer her
"Come buy, come buy" was still their cry
                                  Goblin Market, Christina Rossetti

Saturday was a glorious day in Martinborough. I was excited and getting butterflies in my tummy knowing that we were heading out to a fair that day. It was a perfect day for a fair, and I LOVE fairs.  Sometimes I think I look forward to the fairs in summer more than than I do seeing the end of winter and the start of warmer days!

There are many things about fairs that I love...

There's the simple act of leisurely strolling from one stall to another, buying, conversing or just simply looking.  We allow ourselves ice-cream, cupcakes and hotdogs for lunch instead of a healthy meal without a second's thought.  Enjoying and marvelling over the artistic creations of people who are passionate about their wares, and who are generally down to earth - nothing like the snorty 'professional arty' types.  A diferrent sort of hustle and bustle.  I also personally feel that at a fair, there's seems to be a sort of blurring of lines, a neutralising effect on race, religion, your social economic status, believes etc.  There's an air of 'all is right in the world', even if its only for a short period of time (maybe its just me that feels this way!) :-)
I even like the coming home bit.  Grin on the face, buys on the backseat of the car, contented and happy that I got to spend a day at a fair.

So, Saturday was grey, overcast and misty in Wellington. I had checked the weather report the night before and it had promised lots of sunshine for Martinborough (just over an hour from Wellington).  And Martinborough did not disappoint - 30deg! (as opposed to the 21deg in Wellington).  Thank god I had a tube of sunscreen.

Below are some photos I took at the fair.  I decided on the last minute that I didn't want to be bothered with a clunky camera, so took these photos with my camera.  Photos could look better, but I did do some 'tidying up' before posting these.  Hope you enjoy them!

Beginning of the fair outside The Martinborough Hotel

"Car-B-Que" - a car pimped out to sizzle sausages, kebabs and paua fritters

 Nuts About...
The nut man and his cart will be at the next Food Show in Wellington

  World's Smallest Kite lady

Rows and rows of colourful hand-knitted baby booties.  Cute huh?

Gorgeous nest of bowls - Aimee McLeod Pottery
Loving the green colours!
 (Err...evidence of a very amateur photographer - left price sticker on the bowl!  Note if you're wondering, its $12 just for the medium sized bowl).

Table of succulents for sale.  Once again loving the green colours.
The funny spiky one 'looked' like it had soft puffy cotton...
until you touched it.  Ouch!!

 Waimarama Olives
We spent a good few minutes tasting all the award winning olive oils on display, eventually settling on one that has a slight peppery taste - great as a dipping oil with some balsamic vinegar and nice crusty artisan bread.  Mmm...

Abstract Design
Check out these wall hangings!  They come in a selection of different 'recipes'.  I was soooo tempted...

Pickled onions anyone???!
S loves 'em, but me.  Meh.  I can do without them.

Now for some very pr-weee-dy things...

Aren't they the most gorgeous little girl dresses you've seen?  Such happy, pretty dresses!  Some even have co-ordinating hair bands.  If I had a little girl, I'd buy one for each day of the week.  But seeing that I'm not one of those that parade my pet in clothes, I had to make do with just taking photos.

And check these fridge magnets out!

Yep.  Fridge magnets.  Amazing huh?  These 'cupcakes' look so good you want to eat them!  These are handmade by Fuko Carron of Bunny Party - how clever is she?!  My favourites are the marshmallow and chocolate top, and the one with the shrewsberry biscuit.
These colourful pillows with gorgeous prints below were also at her stall.

I couldn't pass this stall without stopping.  James here was wearing a straw hat with little colourful knitted wool socks hanging all around the brim!  And my eyes kept sweeping up and down across his table that had piles of beautifully hand-dyed wool.  James tells me he hand dyes these himself.  Wow.

I spied this trio of curtain ties whilst S was browsing at another stall.  Pr-weee-dy colours...

And check out these lovely neckpieces by Stephanie Cahorel!

I really like the teapot ones and how she's used an old briefcase to display some of her wares.

I liked this painting on sight.  

I'm not usually a fan of brightly coloured paintings, but this one pinged out at me.  Alas I couldn't afford this painting, so Tina (the artist), with babe in arms and all (her baby daughter was adorable!), helped me sift through a pile of prints that she had made from her originals.  So now, I have two of her prints at home.
Just need to find suitable frames for them now...

We found 'John' selling bunches of gorgeous fresh flowers.
I LOVE fresh flowers...

On our way out, we came by this game stall.
What's a fair without at least one of these game stalls??

These kinda freak me out a little though...you can just hear that creepy circus music (Entry of the Gladiators)...

We were both starting to really wilt under the hot sun by the time we decided to head home.  S suggested fresh fruit ice-creams and the decision was made in a nano second.

His was blueberries and mine, blackberries.
They were gone in minutes!  Both because it was so good and refreshing, but also because it was a race to eat it all before it melted in the hot sun.

And finally...

 The long and windy drive home to Wellington
(note the mist and greyness in the horizon!)

But like I said before - grin on face, buys on the backseat of the car, contented and happy that I got to spend a day at a fair.

Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Amateur schmateur. These pics are gorgeous! Especially like the flowers, baby booties and the nest of bowls - the price tag just adds to it.

    I had a fantastic time at the fair as well. Bought marmalade, plum sauce, book & teapot. Ate choc cake and Indian food. Came home and napped. Ahh.

  2. @Moon Over Martinborough
    Aww shucks...thanks! :-)


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