17 February 2011

cheesecake smeeshcake

Had a couple of hours to kill between two appointments, so headed to the nearest cafe with free wifi.  Turns out to be Esquires.  Chain cafe.  Like Starbucks.

Should I even continue?  Like I said.  It was like Starbucks.

But they were doing cheap coffee + cheesecake deal AND they had free internet.  And it was cookies and cream cheesecake.  And I am a sucker for anything cookies and cream.

Holy hell.  So the coffee was as I expected.  Palatable if I don't think too much about it.  But the cheesecake!  Oh my.  The cheesecake.  It did look good, all studded with chunks of cookies.  But that's where it stopped.  Looks. (Yes, yes, I know.  Never judge the book by its cover, food included).

Isn't cheesecake suppose to be...well, cheesy??  Not necessarily savoury cheesy in taste.  But at the very least have a cream cheese texture of some sort?  I wasn't expecting much.  But still.  I wasn't expecting gourmet.  Cheesecake that tasted like its been frozen with dry ice and a mouth feel like flavoured gelatinous...hmmm.  Yeah.  You get the mental picture and phantom taste.

Chain cafe.  Like I said.  Like Starbucks.

I should have know better **mutter, mutter, mutter**


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