06 February 2011

cake and coffee

Following up on my previous post on 'some nighttime baking'...

My Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake didn't turn out too bad. The recipe called for buttermilk - but seeing that I didn't have any on hand, I substituted it with yoghurt. The yoghurt I used was the very thick and creamy type, which is why I think the cake could have been more moist than it was. A bit of added milk should do the trick next time.

If you're a coffee drinker like me, you'll agree that the only drink to be had with chocolate cake is coffee. Preferably black coffee - for me, it adds another depth of flavour to the chocolate. So its cake and coffee for breakfast before we set off to the Martinborough Fair!

Fantastic start to the day...:-)))


  1. Hi 'S' here. The cake was fantastic and hit just the right spot with the coffee before the hours long drive to the fair

  2. Hello 'S' - how are you biji balls? Wat la your blog got nothing *snore*


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