02 February 2011

botoxed kuih kodok

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Its Thumper's year this year (Year of the Wabbit). So what does that mean? Is it the metal or water rabbit? Maaaybe...its the Year of the Giant Flemish Rabbit! If so...what does that mean? Could it mean that for some of us, it'll be a year of plenty? I.e. we'd all put on so much weight that we'd end up looking like a giant (but cuddly) Flemish Rabbit?!

Well, if I keep cooking and baking this way just so that I can blog about it...that idea is not so far fetched afterall.

I could wax lyrical about Chinese New Year, what it means to me, how I celebrate it now...yadi, yadi, yadi, ya... That's another blog.

This is ALL about my Kuih Kodok.

So okay. For those culinary experts out there and sticklers of tradition, my Kuih Kodok look like pikelets. In my defence - they were my first attempt! Also I did not have enough oil for deep frying, so the batter kinda just oozed flat in the pan instead of staying in a lump. But still...mmm...they taste soooooo good.

For the benefit of those who aren't familiar with Kuih Kodok - its made of bananas, flour, eggs and sugar. In other words - banana fritters. In the Malay language, 'Kuih' means cake/pastry and 'Kodok' means toad. The surface of the kuih is all bumpy - like a toad and is meant to look like this...

Yours truly made botoxed Kuih Kodoks instead - all smooth with no bumps!

Still. Its a great way to welcome the the new year! Chomping away (all on my own) at a big plate of Kui Kodok, writing this blog, and wondering if I should leave some for S when he gets home from work...



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