31 January 2011

vampiric song

Seems like one of the latest 'in' words is 'obsessed' - that is, if you watch the E-channel. Fad word or not, it does seem to describe quite aptly the behaviour I manifest over the 'song du jour'. Actually its more like 'song du mois' - song (rather than flavour!) of the month.

I was mucking around online and stumbled onto this classic which used to be an old favourite. Ok - so I use the term 'classic' loosely. Its not the realms of 'once upon a time' but it was released in 1992...

So I googled it, youtubed it, downloaded it from iTunes, played it incessantly on my iPod and at home, youtubed it again and took out the DVD to watch again...you get the picture!

Sends shivers down my spine whenever I listen to it.


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